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ProvaLingua is a free language drill system that can be used for any language. Both vocabulary and grammar drills are included, as well as "learn while you work" tickers, a matching game, and a reading practice tool.

Any language may be used, but the software includes word sets for French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, plus a set for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) English study. Grammar tools are available for French, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Download it here to give it a try, or check out ProvaLingua Mobile at

Download Audio Packs

Audio samples for vocabulary are available as part of drills. Choose a language pack to download it and use this optional feature. Language sound packs are based on Shtooka Project packages.

Language Pack:

ProvaLingua Mobile

Do you have an iPad or other tablet device? ProvaLingua Mobile is a great solution to studying on the move. It was designed for tablets, but will also work with most mobile phones. Don't use Windows? Safari or Chrome on Mac with Mobile ProvaLingua is a great alternative to the Windows-based desktop ProvaLingua. Visit from your iPad to give it a try! In order to cover server costs, ProvaLingua Mobile is billed at $2.99/month, with a 7-day free trial. It can optionally synchronize with the free desktop ProvaLingua (version 6.1 required - see File menu, then Set up Mobile Sync), or either one can be used standalone.

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